Concerto in Sea Major : a unique aquatic music SHOW

Concerto in Sea Major

Three musicians dive in deep, to perform a unique, aquatic concert.
Discover snorkel-flute melodies, dancing to a sax-stroke-watering-can Waltz.
Experience explosive, water-drumming rhythms, and more…

Good humor, floods of energy and a drop of craziness make this “Concerto” a
Splash Hit!
Concerto in Sea Major: an aquatic, inventive, eccentric, rhythmic and sporty
concert performance !!

Highly acclaimed by public and media, this unprecedented, fresh, aquatic concert opens doors to new urban public spaces.  Swimming pools, fountains, ponds, rivers, lakes, become places of inspiration and performance for these hands on water musicians.

Over the past 6 years, Aquacoustique has reached more than 90,000 spectators over 300 shows in world-class festivals in USA, Australia, China, England, Germany ,Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Saint-Pierre et Miquelon…


« A splashingly surprising concert » T.Voisin, Télérama
"An unusual performance" V .Matet, Ca m’interesse
"The public is conquered" S.Albane, Chalon sur Sâone Journal
"Totally inventive and absolutely talented » FB 24
"A big success " La dépêche NM

"Simply magic" , Ouest France
“I’ve never seen anything like it!" “This is really cool and the music is beautiful” Fox 21 TV, Philadelphia
«  A surprising and explosive show, not to be missed » La dépêche du midi
"Enchanting music which seems to appear from nowhere."
  Elsa Daynac, France Musique

Clic on the following links to download :

We can play in pools, funtains, small 5m diametre inflatable garden pools that you can install everywhere, rivers, sea (with calm water).
Water depth from 30cm to 1m20. (depth >1m20 possible with technical support)

We propose 30min , 45 min or 1h shows. 
30 min show can be played up to 4 times a day.

4 standard luggages on flights, and 3 persons on tour.

No technical requirements, except good water !

Please contact us if you wish more informations.

They have trusted us worldwide : 

Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts, USA
Henley Festival, UK

Potsdamer Nacht, Germany
Transboréales, Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Street art Festival of Chassepierre , Belgium
Fremantle Street Arts Festival, Australie
Wuzhen Festival, CHINA
Paléofestival, Nyon, Switzerland
Mirabilia festival, Italy

They have programmed us and they say :